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The Oxford Companion to American Military History, Oxford University Press, USA; 1st edition (April 13, 2000)

Sociological Quarterly

(Fall, l99l), 301-319

The Social Context of Commemoration: A Study in Collective Memory

Social Forces, 61 (December 1982), pp. 374-402

The Review of Politics, 47 (October, 1985),516-543. (First author, Eugene Miller.)

The Icon and the Word: A Study in the Visual Depiction of Moral Character

Semotica, 1986, 61 (2), 66-99

(Due to restrictions placed upon the author by the publisher, this article is unavailable as a pdf.)

New Jersey History

Vol. 113, No. 3-4 (Fall/Winter 1995) pp. 22-50